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Laurie Tisch

Laurie Tisch

The Teachers College John Dewey Circle gathered in October to honor its newest members and recognize the many contributions of a veteran one: Laurie M. Tisch, TC Trustee, former member of the President's Advisory Council, sponsor of the Tisch visiting Professorship, and newly appointed Chair of the board of the College's Campaign for educational equity.

"Laurie Tisch, you give every ounce of energy you have to supporting the arts and education. As a result, you have improved the lives of thousands of New York City children, their families and communities," TC President Arthur Levine said, reading Tisch's citation. He jokingly thanked her for giving "the best 47 years of her life" to the work of the College.

"The 47 best years of my life are still in front of me," Tisch retorted. "We have a lot of work ahead, and the best year will be when we have closed that achievement gap."

Dewey Circle members - those who give $1,000 or more to the TC Annual Fund - receive a bronze medal embossed with the face of John Dewey. This year seven of 47 new members were there to receive their medals from Jack Hyland, Co-Chair of TC's board of Trustees.

"You are the key to the success of the TC Annual Fund," Joseph Brosnan, vice President of development and external Affairs, told the group. Last year the Annual Fund raised a record breaking $1.5 million and 70 percent of that money came from Dewey Circle members, he said.

"You are the most generous donors we have," Levine told the gathering. "You have built a strong Teachers College. For that I can't possibly thank you enough."

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