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A Leadership Vacuum


Leadership Vacuum

Levine reports on education leadership programs

Educational leadership is critically needed for the nation's schools, yet the quality of most preparation programs for principals, superintendents and other education leaders ranges from "inadequate to appalling," according to a major study by TC President Arthur Levine released in March.

The four-year study, "Educating School Leaders," was based on an extensive national survey of deans, faculty, alumni and principals, and is part of a broader four-part series of reports by Levine known as The Education Schools Project.

The report--funded by the Annenberg, Ford and Ewing Marion Kaufmann foundations-- calls for the elimination of incentives that reduce program quality, higher standards for leadership programs, the shuttering of poor-quality programs and a new core curriculum of study.

Levine will release equally comprehensive reports on teach-er education in fall 2005, and research on education next year.

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