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Teach Our Children Well


Teach our children well

Commission advocates an excellent teacher in every New York City classroom

A report released in April by the New York City Council's Independent Commission on CFE Implementation, co-chaired by TC President Arthur Levine, calls for improving teacher quality in the public schools with a combination of financial incentives for all teachers--especially those in low-performing schools-- more rigorous teacher assessment, smaller classes and greater accountability.

The commission was created to recommend priority uses for the anticipated billions of dollars in new funding from the successful Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE), which charged that New York State was denying New York City's school children their constitutional right to a sound, basic education. In November, a special panel of judicial masters ordered an annual increase in state funding to city schools of $5.6 billion for operations and $9.2 billion for capital projects.

The second part of the commission's report, to be released later this year, will focus on leadership, facilities, parent and community involvement, pre-kindergarten, instruction, student support and technology.

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