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The Making of a Teacher


The Making of a Teacher

Reports from the field

America sends conflicting messages to its teachers. Though their profession is often described as the noblest, teachers earn less than most other professionals.

In the following pages, you'll meet several future teachers and follow them through TC's pre-service master's degree programs. While their stories are idiosyncratic, there are common threads. None seem indifferent about their work. All came to TC to add knowledge to their own inner fire and good instincts. And each has undergone a demanding, carefully structured experience defined by the College's three philosophical stances: an inquiry-based approach to teaching; an embrace of multiple perspectives on culture, content and context; and a commitment to social justice.

We regret that we did not cover in-service teaching, special education, and other important areas at TC. But we thank the students we did follow for allowing us into their lives and giving us a heightened appreciation for the challenges faced by them and by the College. For each, the ideal is to serve in struggling communities--though such schools can be difficult places in which to thrive.

Ultimately, we think these teachers inspire hope. And that, in the end, is what teaching is all about.

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