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Honored by an Empress


Honored By and Empress

Yasuko Higuchi

Yasuko Higuchi  (Ed.D., 1975) earned her doctoral degree from TC in the 1970s and planned on finding work in the United States. Instead, a faculty mentor persuaded her that her future lay back home in Japan. It proved a fateful decision. In July, Japan's Empress Michiko presented Higuchi, 70, with the Florence Nightingale Prize for Distinguished Service to the Nursing Profession. The honor recognized the many years Higuchi has served as President of the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing, where she founded doctoral and master's degree programs and recently led a successful campaign to build a major new facility. For TC, Higuchi's award--which was also noted in the American Journal of Nursing--is testimony to the College's longstanding relationship with Japan.

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