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Giving Locally

Nearly 30 years ago, a young couple moved to New York City so that he could pursue an Ed.D. at Teachers College and she could study midwifery at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. The only catch: finding quality, affordable daycare for their three-year-old son.

Enter Columbia Community Service, an annual fund-raising drive conducted by all the schools in the university, which donates money to more than 50 charitable organizations on the city's Upper West Side -- including senior citizen groups, soup kitchens, after-school programs, athletic leagues and more.

"Thanks to CCS, there was a wonderful, cooperative daycare center called the Red Balloon, which let me work 20 hours a week in my son's classroom to reduce tuition," recalls Bill Baldwin -- that long-ago Ed.D. student, who today is Associate Dean for Academic Administration at TC.

Founded during World War II, CCS kicked off this year's fundraising efforts in November. Because Columbia underwrites all administrative costs, every penny contributed by members of the Columbia community through CCS goes directly to helping beneficiary groups. Last year 49 TC faculty and staff contributed to the campaign; we hope that this year at least twice as many will do so. 

"It's an excellent way to make your charitable dollars have an impact locally for those in our neighborhood," says TC Professor Celia Genishi, the College's Director-at-Large for CCS this year. "With all the big charities competing for dollars in the city, the efforts of CCS are critical for those close at hand with the greatest needs."

To donate money to CCS, look for a brochure and donor card in the mail soon; contact Genishi at x3079 with questions.

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