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Winter Roundtable


Winter Roundtable

Attendees at one of the Roundtable workshops

The annual Winter Roundtable is the longest-running continuing professional education program in the U.S. devoted solely to cultural issues in psychology and education. At the Roundtable's 23rd annual convening in February, the fourth Annual Social Justice Action Award was presented to Linda James Myers, Ph.D.,  and the 17th Annual Janet E. Helms Award for Mentoring and Scholarship in Psychology and Education was presented to Beverly Greene, Ph.D. The presentation of the awards was part of the two-day conference of lectures and workshops sponsored by TC's Counseling Psychology Program and Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation.

Greene, Professor of Psychology at St. John's University and a practicing clinical psychologist, has authored over 75 professional publications and received numerous honors. Her scholarship focuses primarily on the intersections of race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Myers, Dean of the Graduate School of Psychology at New College of California and Executive Director of the Center for Optimal Thought, has worked as an author, editor, teacher and researcher. Her focus is the development of empowerment and social justice models addressing  worldwide perspectives in psychology and education, with an emphasis on African Diaspora studies.

This year, Madonna Constantine, Director of Winter Roundtable, announced the creation of a student scholarship fund. In addition to the nine invited speakers (recordings are available for purchase on DVD), there was also a forum on publication processes with leading journal editors.

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