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Stall Street Journal

Stall Street Journal

Teachers College community members seem to be perpetually busy, bustling from events to classes to meetings, so this year the Career Services Office is taking advantage of the one place they're sure to slow down - the restrooms.

Jennifer Williams, Associate Director of the Career Services Office, launched the Stall Street Journal in September as a "creative endeavor to find unique and innovative ways to disseminate [the office's] information." The broadsheet posters, each with several articles related to professional development, will be released monthly, and each will have a different theme, Williams says. For instance, the inaugural issue was focused on resume-writing, and the October issue is focused on cover letters.

The Stall Street Journal features quick, bullet-point articles to quickly relay information like "The Dos and Don'ts of Cover Letters." It also features a Career Services events calendar and light-hearted list of "Blunders of the Month" (for example, a resume that proudly proclaimed, "Received a plague [sic] for Salesperson of the Year").

"We've had great feedback so far," Williams says, adding that the office will release a survey to get a better sense of what the community thinks of the Journal later in the year. She hopes everyone at TC - not just students - gets something out of the Journal. "Our services are open to all," she says.

Williams says she chose the name Stall Street Journal to be "more in keeping with what we do - which is more the professional side. -'Well, as professional as you can get in a toilet stall."

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