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Fred Schnur

Fred Schnur

Fred Schnur, TC's longtime Vice President for Finance and Administration, said farewell to the College in December. When Schnur arrived at the College in 1995, TC had recorded budget deficits in seven of the previous 10 years and had more than $4 million in accumulated deficit. Since then, there have been major improvements in that picture, including a credit rating upgrade by Moody's Investor's Service. That, in turn, has helped facilitate an overhaul of the physical plant, including repairs to every classroom and the construction of a new student residence hall.

"All of these things contribute to attracting quality faculty members and students," said Interim Dean Bill Baldwin in delivering a tribute to Schnur at a recent faculty meeting. "And all of them reflect Fred's creative and intelligent leadership; his ability and his willingness to think big picture even while being a detail guy; and above all, his energy and commitment to TC."

Baldwin also noted that that since the arrival at TC of Schnur - a vociferous Yankee fan - the Bronx Bombers "have been in the playoffs every year."

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