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At TC, we view the time spent as a student as only the beginning of a lifelong affiliation with the College. The Office of Alumni Relations, the Student Relations Committee of the Alumni Council and the TC Ambassadors Program work together to engage current students and to educate them about the mission of the College and the role that alumni play in facilitating that mission. The Ambassadors Program also collaborates with TC's Annual Fund as well as the offices of Admissions, Student Services, Career Services and International Services to provide mentoring, a series of intimate receptions, "coffee talks" and alumni colloquia. Here are some of the many ways you can benefit from your involvement with TC:

Swap Some Wit and Wisdom With TC Students

Share your valuable academic and career experience with the next generation of TC students. The College offers alumni opportunities to get involved at every stage of a student's journey, from recruitment to career counseling.

Alumni Admissions Ambassadors

Alumni can participate in information sessions for prospective students, held across theU.S. and throughout the world, and call or send congratulatory letters to admitted students living near them. Because of the positive experience she had as a doctoral student at TC, Barbara A. Macaulay (M.A., Adult and Continuing Education, 1992; Ed.D., Adult Education, 1995), Alumni Council member-at-large and Chief Academic Officer of UMassOnline, hosted a combined admissions information session for prospective students and an alumni reception in Boston last fall. "I'd like to help others put their degrees to good use," Macaulay says.

New Student Experience

Led by Mitchell Barlas (M.A., Organizational Psycho-logy, 2000; Ed.M., Educational Administration, 2001), Chair of the Alumni Council's Student Relations Committee, the Ambassadors welcome new students to orientation in the fall, provide information on the Alumni Council and give students a sense of how alumni are involved in the life of the college. "We share our experience of life after graduation," Barlas says. "It's a way of completing the picture."

Career Panelists and Mentors

Throughout the academic year, Career Services holds several panels focusing on topics such as charter schools, the nonprofit sector and entrepreneurship. Becoming a Career Services contact or mentor are two more ways to serve today's students. For more information, visit the alumni section on the Career Services Web site at edu/careerservices/detail.asp.

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