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Short Stories



Anonymous photo from the 1950s

The photographs in this exhibition were produced over the course of many decades. Many cultures, stories and poetics are unveiled in these works. Each of them is very personal and important and very strongly devoted to the partial contribution to what is known as the philosophical debate of the world. For example, years of silence and noise are revealed by the enigmatic, historical portrait of Mayakovsky by Alexander Rodchenko (bottom, right), who shot this photograph during the twenties, and was later reprinted by his family. It is as if the glance of the poet in the portrait was reviewing the history of time while investigating the future.

Different attitudes, different generations and different issues inspire the photographs here. This exhibition sole ambition is to let the viewer dream around and about a selection of works of more than 30 artists, at a time when great institutions have already presented important photography shows, and so many artists in this field have already been celebrated. In the current selection, the viewer will encounter black and white, and color photographs based on image manipulation, manipulation of the real photographic surface, portrait, landscape, body, conceptual elements, abstraction, social statements, and more.

Issues of presence, absence, space, time, conflict, superimposition, analogy and visionary variety, in both a real or virtual context, have been explored by these artists. Some of them record the structure of events, others suggest an archaic aura, mechanical images or aestheticist models. Still other works navigate in the subjectivisation of the photograph, and in some cases, in a sort of intrusive realism or in the speed of a simple snapshot. Years of silence and noise have given rise to these photographs where at the end, a small suspended time is a reason for living.

Maurizio Pellegrin
New York, December 2006
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