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An HR Rep Wins Big In Vegas


Cheskeca Reid

Cheskeca Reid


Note to TC employees: If Cheskeca Reid is your HR rep, you are in good hands

Cheskeca Reid, one of three HR generalists at TC, is relatively new to the College—she started here in December 2006—but any questions about her knowledge and experience were emphatically answered this past summer when she attended a conference in Las Vegas for more than 20,000 human resources professionals.

Each morning of the conference, the attendees were invited to participate in a pop quiz to test their knowledge of various HR topics including benefits, compensation and employment law. At the end, Keca (pronounced “kee-ka”), as she is often called, was among the handful of winners, answering questions that ranged from the basic—What does SPD stand for? (Answer: summary plan description, the governing documents for employee medical benefits)—to the hardcore: What are the restrictions that govern FMLA eligibility? (Answer: to qualify for coverage under the Family and Medical Leave Act, an employee must work at a work site at which the employer employs at least 50 employees in a 75 mile radius).

Reid, a New York City native who attended Loyola College in Baltimore and who worked at Watson Wyatt, a worldwide human resources consulting firm, prior to coming to TC, takes her victory in stride.

“It was fun to win,” she says. “But my view is that this is the stuff I’m supposed to know.”

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