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A New Blog on Educational Adequacy

An answer to ongoing attacks by critics, as well as a means for communicating about work at TC
ACCESS, an organization based at TC that serves as a national forum for plaintiff attorneys and advocates involved in state school finance lawsuits, has launched its own blog, “EdFunding Matters,” which can now be read at

“Over the last year, we’ve tracked the progress of a deliberate campaign to derail the success of educational adequacy,” said Michael Rebell, who serves as Executive Director of both ACCESS and TC’s Campaign for Educational Equity. Educational adequacy is the umbrella term for the wave of successful school finance lawsuits that have been waged in states around the country during the past 20 years.  “Sourced in pseudo-academic garb, the constant mischaracterizations of adequacy have become unbearable.”

Rebell’s inaugural column, posted today, speaks to this very issue.

The blog also is intended “to clarify the significance of the work emanating from Teacher’s College, and what it tells us about right action in education,” Rebell said, including the Equity Campaign’s forthcoming symposium.  “With the Supreme Court decision in the Seattle/Louisville desegregation cases, the continued progress of adequacy litigation is now more important than ever. In fact, I think the history of the past 60 years has made clear that without continuing judicial initiatives, equal educational opportunity can not be achieved, and it therefore is crucial that the adequacy cases continue, find methods for becoming more successful at the remedy stage, and deal with ‘adequacy’ in a broad sense, encompassing not only money and resources, but also educational excellence, accountability, racial diversity and other factors.”

These issues constitute one of the primary themes of the Campaign’s third annual Symposium, “Equal Educational Opportunity: What Now?,” which will be held at TC’s Cowin Center on November 12 and 13.  Register at
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