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A field trip from jordan


Visiting Delegation Teaches

From Jordan, a Visiting Delegation Teaches as Much as It Learns.


Eleven Jordanian teachers spent six weeks at Columbia and TC this past summer, honing their English teaching skills and—via sightseeing tours, barbecue dinners and just plain walking around—
comparing their expectations of Americans and U.S. culture with the real thing. The students, whose visit was the result of a burgeoning educational partnership between TC, Columbia and the Jordanian government, came away favorably impressed on both counts. 
“We’re getting information and learning how to apply it,” said one. “We’ve become more confident, and we can speak together fluently and we can speak to you.”
And another, when asked what she would tell people about Americans when she returned home, said, “I think you can’t know a person until you meet him. I found things here very different from the ideas we get in the movies.”
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