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Meet Our Graduates

TC's 2008 graduates -- at both the masters and doctoral level -- are a diverse and diversely talented group. Meet some of them here via video interviews in our Graduates Gallery.

Delciane Wright
Age:  54
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Degree/Program:  MA in Computing in Education
Wright discusses her path to Teachers College, the current state of mathematics in education,and her passion and plans for the future in the fields of mathematics and technology in education.

Brette Wolff
Degree/Program:  MA in Developmental Psychology
Ms. Wolff discusses her experience in the developmental psychology program, her decision to transfer from one program to another, and her plans for the future.

Jenelle Vasconcellos
Age: 27
Hometown: New Windsor, New York
Degree/Program:  MA in the Teaching of Social Studies
Vasconcellos discusses coming to education from the perspective of a college recruiter; her current classroom work at the Bronx International High School, where she teaches 12th-grade history; and plans for the future as a social studies teacher.

Liz Schnur
Age:  24
Hometown:  Scarsdale, New York
Degree/Program:  MA in Curriculum and Teaching (Dual-Certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education [Pre-Service])
Ms. Schnur discusses her 'placement' experiences in the curriculum and teaching program, her professional aspirations, and the current state of affairs in self-contained classroom environments.

Patricia Lopez
Age: 33
Hometown: Posada, Missionés (Argentina)
Degree/Program:  MA in Health and Human Behavior (Accepted into the doctoral program in Health Education)
Lopez talks about her experience growing up in New York City, the challenges of being a single mother while pursuing an advanced degree, and her plans for the future as a project coordinator on a breast cancer research study at Columbia University Medical Center and as a doctoral student in health education.

Joe King
Age:  25
Hometown:  Healdton, Oklahoma
Degree/Program:  MA in Psychology and Education (Clinical Psychology)
Mr. King talks about disabilities and micro-aggressions, his policy internship in Washington and his tenure as Vice President of the Student Senate.

Ted Kesler
Age: 46
Currently Resides in: White Plains, New York
Degree/Program: EdD in Curriculum and Teaching
Mr. Kesler -- who as a third-grade teacher in 1996 was the subject of a year-long series in the New York Times on preparing young children for standardized testing -- discusses NCLB, literacy issues, and his personal odyssey in learning the larger picture about U.S. education.

Aygul Kabaca
Age:  27
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden
Degree/Program: MA in Anthropology in Education
Ms. Kabaca, a Fulbright Scholar from Sweden, discusses her bicultural heritage and her desire to work for an NGO focused on humanitarian work in education.

Tavis Jules
Age: 28
Hometown: Georgetown, Guyana (South America)
Degree/Program: EdD in International Educational Development with a specialization in International Educational Policy Studies
Jules, who holds two previously awarded master’s degrees in education from Teachers College, discusses his educational journey from Guyana to New York City, his work in documenting the use of education in promoting regional development in the Caribbean and Latin America, and politics in education.

Pamela Ginex
Age:  38
Hometown:  Belle Vernon, PA
Degree/Program:  EdD in Nursing Education
Ms. Ginex, a nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, discusses her research at TC on smoking cessation and the importance of sharing pedagogy issues with students from other disciplines.

Kristen Delaney
Age:  24
Hometown: Darien, Connecticut
Degree/Program: MA in Curriculum and Teaching (Dual-Certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education [Pre-Service])
Ms. Delaney, the daughter of a TC alumna, talks about the toddler experience at TC,  the importance of developing a cohort of colleagues and friends, and the pros and cons of "labeling" children with disabilities.
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