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Long-Term Service Awards


40 Years and Counting

Ida Essanson celebrates 30 years with Bill Baldwin

40 Years and Counting

John Vincent celebrates 35 years with Bill Baldwin

40 Years and Counting

Joseph Gilchrist celebrates 30 years

40 Years and Counting

Marion Speights-Magas celebrates 20 years with Bill Baldwin

40 Years and Counting

Patricia Osbourne celebrates 20 years

40 Years and Counting

Linda Wooten at awards ceremony

40 Years and Counting

Barbara Burke and Barbara Purnell cutting the cake

40 years and counting

baloons at the long term service awards

40 Years and Counting

Rocky Schwarz celebrates 20 years

40 years and counting

Barbara Burke celebrates 40 years

On Thursday, June 26, Teachers College held its annual Long-Term Service luncheon, honoring employees who have served more than 15 years at TC. Each year, employees whose terms are reaching a multiple of five are honored by speeches from top TC officials such as President Susan Fuhrman and Dean Bill Baldwin, as well as appreciative comments from the TC Community. • “Teachers College is fortunate to have many employees who stayed committed for so many years,” says Human Resources representative Angela Bai. “We often do not have an opportunity to thank our staff for all that they do, and this ceremony provides a chance for us to applaud them in public.” • Linda Wooten, Lead Secretary in Career Services, was honored for her 40-year tenure. “I thought the service was wonderful,” she said. “Who wouldn’t want to be honored? It makes people feel special and appreciated.” • Wooten has been at TC through six presidential tenures, and she’s seen academic programs blossom and branch out, as well as the College itself. She said she stayed because of the job’s benefits as well as the TC Community. “I’m a people person,” she said. “No one plans to stay this long, but it happens. I don’t regret one moment of it.” • The honorees are:

Barbara Purnell, 40 years

Barbara Burke, 40 years

Linda Wooten, 40 years

John Astore, 35 years

John Vincent, 35 years

Roselouise Daly, 30 years

Joseph Gilchrist, 30 years

Ida Esannason, 30 years

Robert “Rocky” Schwarz, 30 years

Zoraida Grady, 25 years

William Manning, 25 years

Karen Harris, 20 years

Gary Lord, 20 years

Marion Speights-Magas, 20 years

Patricia Osbourne, 20 years

Diarah N’Daw-Spech, 15 years

Migdalia Rodriguez-DelValle, 15 years

Jacqueline Ancess, 15 years

Ruixue Zhao, 15 years

Cherlyn Johnson, 15 years

Grace Chough, 15 years


40 years and counting Linda Wooten, Barbara Burke and Barbara Purnell at awards ceremony.


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