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International and Transcultural Studies


International and Transcultural Studies

International and Transcultural Studies, TCs flagship international department

During the 1990s, Teachers College combined two long-standing programs—Comparative and International Education, and International Education Development—to create the new Department of International and Transcultural Studies (ITS). It was a moment of rebirth for the College’s international activities and focus. From a single faculty member, ITS has grown to become one of TC’s largest departments, and the work of its faculty ranges from bilingual education to studies of Caribbean culture to analyses of education investment in the United States.
Why the United States? Because—to quote the ITS Web site—“the United States is a powerful example of an international and transcultural society, and the metropolitan area in which Teachers College is located is a particularly vivid expression of such a society. New York City and the United States are, in many ways, harbingers of what the 21st century will bring to cities and countries around the world.”
The following section comprises four stories of work by ITS faculty.
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