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TC's Partnership with China



TC's Partnership with China, historic and evolving

In Fall 2004, when Teachers College awarded its Medal for Distinguished Service to Madame Ke-Ming Hao, one of the leading architects of China’s current education system, the ceremony in Beijing received national news coverage in China. In part that was because the event reaffirmed a unique relationship that is both deeply historic and constantly evolving. As detailed in our story on the College’s international history (see page 6), a core group of Chinese educators who modernized their nation’s education system studied at TC at the beginning of the 20th century. They were deeply influenced by the ideas of John Dewey, Paul Monroe and other members of our faculty—but, as China has always done, they took those ideas and adapted them to their own culture and societal institutions.
Today, there is so much fascinating and valuable work going on between TC faculty and their colleagues in China that we could devote an entire issue of this magazine to that alone. In the following section, we focus on four examples of that work.  And in future issues, we hope to focus on much more: as a result of a March visit to China by a Teachers College delegation—President Susan Fuhrman, Vice Provost Bill Baldwin, Associate Dean of Teacher Education Lin Goodwin, and Director of International Affairs Portia Williams—our current relationship will be strengthened even further by a number of new and mutually beneficial initiatives with top Chinese universities. These include TC providing tailor-made leadership and professional development programs for Chinese teachers, principals and educational leaders, as well as embarking on joint research initiatives and exchanges that will explore innovative educational solutions in both countries. Stay tuned. TC and China: the beat goes on.
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