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Alumni Council President’s Message


Alumni Council President’s Message

Alice Wilder, Alumni Council President, says "there are great days ahead for TC alumni and the entire TC community.”

Dear Fellow Alumni,
As outgoing President of the Alumni Council, I’ve been feeling a bit sentimental over the past few months. The feeling—a touch of sadness mixed with hope and an expectation that the Council will continue to play a significant role in supporting TC’s mission—is vaguely familiar: I last experienced it when I graduated from Teachers College.
After eight years on the Alumni Council, I will be passing the torch to our new President, Robert Weintraub. And—judging by my conversations with Robert over the past several weeks—there are great days ahead for TC alumni and the entire TC community. Over the summer, the Council will be taking stock of TC’s emerging needs and charting a way forward that will provide new opportunities for alumni to engage with the College. On behalf of all TC alumni, I wish Robert the best of luck in his new role!
Our outgoing members—my fellow Council “graduates”—have served on the Council for the past six years. I want to thank: Patrick McGuire, Chair, International Committee; Richard Campagna; Kate Moody; Pola Rosen; George Coleman; Terri Nixon; Marcia Norton; and Madelon Stewart for their outstanding contributions. Special thanks to:
Patrick McGuire for expanding the International Alumni Network; enhancing outreach to international students; and hosting three international network receptions during his tenure as Chair of the International Committee.
Richard Campagna for hosting an alumni reception in Iowa this year—and for traveling over a thousand miles to attend our meetings!
As I complete my term as President and graduate from TC for the second time, I am certain that TC’s Class of 2009 will always hold a special place in my heart. Best wishes to this year’s graduates! I hope you will follow my example and stay as close as you can to TC.
Alice Wilder
Alumni Council President
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