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The Voice Heard 'Round the World


The Voice Heard

Robert Taylor (Ed.D., 1970), Associate Professor of Computing and Education at Teachers College, has sung at more than 100 performances around the world.

He’s not a professional singer, but over the past 30 years, Robert Taylor (Ed.D., 1970), Associate Professor of Computing and Education at Teachers College, has performed more than 100 times. His bookings have ranged from Kampala, Uganda, to Bratislava, Slovakia, including no fewer than eight appearances at TC convocation ceremonies during the 1980s and 1990s, singing the invocation in Riverside Church.
“People would invite me to a conference on computing and education and would find out that I could sing, and they’d say, ‘You want to sing in the cathedral on Sunday?’ So we’d have to discuss what I could sing,” says Taylor, a TC alumnus who has been on the faculty since 1975. “Then I just started taking music with me because people always wanted me to sing.”
A bass-baritone, Taylor began developing his voice as a theology student at the University of Chicago. Before coming to TC as a doctoral student in the 1960s, he sang with a local orchestra in Africa while he was there for a four-year stint teaching mathematics. His specialties are liturgical music and opera. (His B.A. is in physics.)
In addition to singing, Taylor also draws and has documented many of his travels with sketches he has collected on his Web site ( There are even renderings of TC colleagues past and present, including former TC Presidents Lawrence Cremin and Arthur Levine.
These days Taylor, who will retire from TC in June 2009, no longer travels nearly as much. He’s busy now with his next major endeavor: posting recordings of his worldwide performances on his Web site. “Art, music, academia, international things, I’ve always loved all of it,” Taylor says. “I’ve bounced around and sung all over, and it was a lot of fun and people appreciated it.”
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