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TC Campus News

Welcoming New Employees, Staff Anniversaries

Welcoming New Employees
A dozen people joined the staff at Teachers College during the months of June and July. Welcome to TC! (If you were hired during June or July and are not listed, please contact the Office of Human Resources to be included in an upcoming issue of Inside.)
Faisal Anwar
Solutions Architect, Gottesman Libraries
Penina Braffman
Assistant to the Director, Office of Policy and Research
Elizabeth Carlson
Head Teacher, Hollingworth Center
Rochelle Dalton
Associate Director, NCREST
Pawanpreet Dhaliwal
Policy Associate, Development and External Affairs
Nicole Edgecombe
Senior Research Associate, Institute on Education and the Economy
Lisa Goldenberg
Assistant Director of Special Gifts, Development and External Affairs
Lidie Rose Mercado
Administrative Assistant, President’s Office
Christie Natonio
Assistant Director, Recruitment and External Relations, Summer Principal Leadership Academy
Katja Pansch
Assistant Teacher, Hollingworth Center
Nicole Siniscalchi
Assistant Director Financial Aid, Office of Financial Aid
Matthew Vincent
Associate Web Editor, Development and External Affairs

Staff Anniversaries
Happy anniversary to the following fulltime employees who have provided 10 or more years of service to TC and whose anniversary took place in June or July. (If your anniversary date was in June or July and are not listed, please contact the Office of Human Resources to be included in an upcoming issue.)
Wavely Cannady
44 years of service
Lead Person Boiler Mechanic, Maintenance
Josephine Takeall
40 years of service
Lead Accounts Clerk, Student Accounts
Arsya Emamali
38 years of service
Account Clerk, Student Accounts
Katanik, Diane
37 years of service
Director of Academic Administration, Human Development
John Astore
36 years of service
Lead Person/Maintenance, Maintenance
Anthony McKay
28 years of service
Custodial Supervisor, Facilities
Courtney Ayee
27 years of service
Assistant Director, Student Accounts 
William Manning
26 years of service
Lieutenant, Public Safety
Florine McCutchen
22 years of service
Data Information Processor, Office of the Registrar
Karen Harris
22 years of service
Admissions Assistant, Office of Admission
Patricia Osbourne
21 years of service
Transcripts Secretary, Office of the Registrar

20 years of service
Lead Person Plumber, Maintenance
Narine Chandrapaul
20 years of service
Handyperson, Facilities
Gerald White

20 years of service

Refrigerator Engineer, Maintenance
Gladys Camacho
17 years of service
Facilities Information Coordinator, Facilities
Grace Chough
16 years of service
Senior Staff Developer, Reading and Writing Project
Cherlyn Johnson
16 years of service
Custodian II, Operations
Ena Haines
15 years of service
Director of Information Technology, Administrative Computing
Mary Lynch
15 years of service
Senior Financial Manager, TC Press
David Novick
15 years of service
Senior Grants Accountant, Grants and Contracts Accounting
Ramadan Osmani
15 years of service
Assistant Mechanic/Electrician, Maintenance
Maureen Brooks

14 years of service

Financial Coordinator, Reading and Writing Project
Michael Spratt
11 years of service
Painter, Maintenance
Evelin Collado
10 years of service
Senior Accounts Clerk, Accounts Payable
Francine French
10 years of service
Clerk/Typist, Office of the Registrar
Revathi Joshi
10 years of service
Programmer/Analyst, Administrative Computing
Aubrey Mason
10 years of service
Custodian II, Operations
Terri Williams-Ruiz
10 years of service
Office Manager, Development and External Affairs 
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