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An Alumna's Scholarship Eases Pressure on Doctoral Students


Tishman Thumb

Lynn P. Tishman

Lynn P. Tishman earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Teachers College in 2007, and, at the age of 56, was probably one of the oldest graduates of the program.

“I have done things in reverse,” she says. “The more I did, the more I realized I could do. For me, the doctoral program is a culmination of my career, and for my fellow students it’s more of a beginning.”
Tishman, who was in the unique position to be able to fund her own tuition and pursue her research without having to seek outside employment, noticed how her fellow students struggled financially. As a result, she established The Lynn P. Tishman, Ph.D. Scholarship Fund in 2008 with a gift of $250,000. The fund will provide annual tuition assistance for one or more doctoral students in the clinical psychology program.

“The Tishman Fund really provides valuable dollars to augment the scholarships provided by TC to help doctoral students devote themselves to developing their research and clinical skills,” says Barry A. Farber, Professor of Psychology and Education and Tishman’s program director.

Helping others has been a constant theme running through Tishman’s life, first as a travel agent, then as a massage therapist, a certified biofeedback therapist, a licensed social worker, psychoanalyst, and ultimately a clinical psychologist. “The doctoral program is rigorous enough without the constraints of work,” Tishman explains. “We’re all so fortunate to be selected for the program, and lessening the financial burden allows for an opportunity to feel more enriched by the process.” Tishman is currently a post-doctorate fellow at the Karen Horney Clinic where she treats patients and is a member of the trauma team. previous page