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Schedule Set for Rockin' Earth Day Fest!


Schedule Set for Rockin

On Thursday, April 22, children did Worm Composting with Amelia Epp

Schedule Set for Rockin

On Sunday, April 25th, TC will host its second annual Rockin' Earth Day Fest!

On Sunday, April 25th, TC will host its second annual Rockin’ Earth Day Fest! in Russell Courtyard. The event, scheduled to take place between 11:00am and 6:00pm, will feature musical entertainment, local and organic food vendors, sustainable consumer goods, hands-on eco-friendly art booths, health and wellness courses, free give-aways, and more. The event is open to the public, at no charge, on a first come first serve basis.
Musical Entertainment will feature local bands and artists, with the sound system run on a biofuel generator. Musicians Elena Vogt, Shanelle Gabriel, Ayo Awosika, and Shakozoba will be performing to raise money for Charity: Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Band members of Shakozoba will arrive at the event on a bus that runs on used vegetable oil. Miguelli, Autodrone, and Greg Holden are providing entertainment to raise money for The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Preservation and Research, a not-for-profit organization that operates the New York State Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Urban Sun, a local funk, rock, and soul band will headline the Fest at 5pm.

will sell sustainable food, clothing, art, and beauty products throughout the day. Organic, local, natural, and/or vegan foods and drinks will be sold by Cafe du Soleil, Gus Grown-up Soda, Chef Laura Dardi, Raw Soul, Cell-nique, and Organic Treats by Lisa Farmer and Heather Lewis. Nikita Natural Soap will sell homemade, all natural scented and non-scented soap, Brook&Lyn Boutique will sell vintage jewelry and pre-loved clothing and shoes, and Dolls by MonTQ will sell beautiful handmade dolls made with natural fibers and recycled fabrics by Tanya Montegut. TC’s Go Green Committee will sell 100 percent organic Rockin’ Earth Day Everyday tee shirts and tote bags.

Eco-friendly organizations
, such as The Riverhead Foundation, will educate festival attendees about their missions, while hosting hands-on displays. East River C.R.E.W. (Community Recreation & Education on the Water), a non-profit advocate for appreciation and stewardship of the New York /New Jersey Harbor Estuary, will be sharing ideas about fun things to do on the water in New York City, including free East River rowing from East 96th Street. TC’s Students in Health will host interactive displays that explore some of the many intersections of health and the environment, including sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, and local food systems. The Go Green Committee will be showcasing TC’s progress towards sustainability over the past couple of years.

Free gifts
will be distributed to festival attendees throughout the day. Apples donated by West Side Market, samples of healthy, local food prepared by TC’s Students in Health, and environmentally friendly Rockin’ Earth Day Everyday bracelets donated by Teachers College will be given out. Additionally, Vita Coco will be distributing free samples of their 100 percent natural cocoanut water and TC’s Go Green Committee will distribute samples of laundry detergent and chlorine free tampons donated by Seventh Generation. Children’s books donated by Teachers College and local bookstores will be distributed to winners of the Go Green Committee’s free raffle.
Art tables devoted to creating art with recycled goods will be available for participation throughout the day. The Go Green Committee will host three art centers where festival attendees can make instruments, design clothing and build sculptures using reused and recycled goods. Lisa Daehlin and Marta Cabral will teach festival attendees how to knit and crochet with reused plastic bags.
Health and Wellness courses are being donated by instructors and massage therapists at the event’s Wellness Center. Some classes include a one-hour meditation session led by Kamila Dvorakova, a one-hour Beginners Yoga class instructed by Kari Bono, and a half-hour cardio aerobics workout taught by Emily Owen. In addition, StressBusters will be providing free ten-minute massages from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Please bring your own mat and/or meditation pillows and be sure to wear comfortable clothing if you plan on attending a health and wellness course.
For a complete listing of event details updated daily, please visit For more information about the Go Green Committee, please contact Natalie A. Hadad at
As always, keep it green.
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