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The Edward D. Mysak Speech, Language & Hearing Center

The Edward D. Mysak Speech and Hearing Center, located on the first floor of Macy Hall, serves some 60 clients weekly from TC’s neighboring communities. Clients include children, stroke survivors, senior citizens and TC students. The services provided address speech sound production, word choice, sentence coherence, and many other communication issues. • Under the supervision of the clinical faculty of TC’s Department of Biobehavioral Sciences, TC Speech Language Pathology students provide in-house services to toddlers in need of early intervention for speech issues, elementary and middle school students with delayed language skills, and adults with traumatic brain injury or other issues effecting communication. • In addition, an aphasia group meets twice a month, providing a group-based approach to helping people with this acquired language disorder, which may cause difficulty in producing or comprehending spoken or written language. The group members support each other in a conversational setting in improving communications skills. • TC students, led by the Center’s Director, Jo Ann Nicholas, also perform hearing screenings throughout the city for young students. • “Students get to work in lots of different environments, with a variety of populations,” says Elise Wagner, Assistant Director of the Center. “It’s a wonderful training experience for them.” • Many clients speak English as a second language, and the Center is uniquely positioned to serve many in their native language. • “We have students who speak Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Japanese, as well as some of the languages spoken in China and India,” says Wagner, “and we are able to provide services in these languages. It’s a real benefit to the community.” • Most of the treatment and evaluation work is done one-on-one in the Center’s training rooms, which are equipped with cameras and microphones to record the sessions. Students, supervisors and caregivers are able to observe the training sessions from behind a one-way glass panel. • This summer, the Clinic will close for three months for renovations to further enhance the space with state-of-the-art technology and treatment suites. Wagner says, “We look forward to reopening in September—in time for our 2010 incoming class.” previous page