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Derald Wing Sue Wins Award for New Book on Microagressions


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Derald Wing Sue

Derald Wing Sue, professor of psychology and a leading expert on discrimination issues, will be awarded the first-ever National Diversity and Inclusion Book Prize in recognition of his recently published book, Microaggressions in Everyday Life:  Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (John Wiley and Sons).

The book is Sue’s latest entry into published scholarship on “microaggressions,” a term coined by psychologist Chester Pierce in the 1970s, which Sue has since refined as a description of unintended slights or social cues by members of a dominant group that make members of minority groups uncomfortable. As Sue has documented in his new book and elsewhere, microaggressions take a collective toll on their mental, emotional and even physical health.

Janine Fondon, President and CEO of, said Sue’s book was chosen “because of its ability to expertly re-cast the traditional thoughts and expectations about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond—and its focus on microaggressions as a behavior that significantly impacts the success of inclusion.”

Sue will be honored June 3 at’s 2010 Common Ground Diversity Roundtable and Learning Session in Springfield, Mass. On June 4, thought leaders and corporate executives who work with diversity issues will come together to hear Sue’s comments and discuss some of the issues in and around this book.

The Learning Session is designed to highlight significant trends relating to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and marketplace, and to promote the sharing of best practices and experiences of inclusive leaders.

Sue, born to a Chinese-American family in Portland, Oregon, is the author of several previous books, including Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, Overcoming our Racism, and Understanding Abnormal Behavior.  He is a past president of the Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues, a co-founder and first president of the Asian American Psychological Association, and the past president of the Society of Counseling Psychology of the American Psychological Association.

He has written over 150 publications, including many on microaggressions, and consulted with a wide range of organizations on ways of acknowledging, confronting and eliminating microaggressions.

For additional information about Sue’s work and to see a video interview with him, please go to page