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In Fall 2009, TC welcomed its largest entering class since the mid-1970s—only to better that performance this past September with our largest, most diverse and most selective incoming class in the post-World War II era. In all, applications have risen by
17 percent since 2006.

Among our 2010 highlights:
  • A four percent increase in applications at the College over FY09. TC received nearly 6,090 applications, the largest and most diverse applicant pool in its history;
  • More than 1,800 new students enrolled in the Summer/Fall, a slight percent increase from FY09;
  • A two percent increase among master’s degree candidates over FY09;
  • A one percent decline in applications at the doctoral level;
  • A one percent increase in yield (percentage of admitted students who enroll) from 50 percent yield percentage in 2009 to 51 percent yield percentage in 2010. Masters yield increased from 49 percent (2009) to 50 percent (2010), and doctoral yield decreased from 59 percent to 45 percent;
  • Fifteen percent of enrolled students are from outside the United States. In terms of self-reported ethnicity/race of enrolled students, 8.9 percent are African American, 10.9 percent are Asian American and 8.9 percent are Hispanic.

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