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Goodwin to Serve As Vice Dean


A. Lin Goodwin

A. Lin Goodwin

Effective November 1, A. Lin Goodwin will assume the position of Vice Dean of Teachers College, TC President Susan Fuhrman announced at yesterday’s State of the College meeting.

The appointment to that post of Goodwin – who has served for the several years as Associate Dean of Teacher Education – is intended to “give leadership to a major renewal in teacher education,” Fuhrman said. That effort is imperative, she said, because while there have been great advances in understanding learning and developing tools to assess and support it, that knowledge has for the most part failed to reach the classroom. Meanwhile, new non-traditional teacher education programs are proliferating that emphasize “generic skills” while departing from a grounding in “subject-specific pedagogy and deep understanding of learning.”

Goodwin is also Professor of Education at TC. As Associate Dean of Teacher Education, in 2009, she secured a 9.75 million grant to fund the College’s new TR@TC urban teacher residency program.

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