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Ted Dimon to Teach Summer Course at TC on Mind/Body Unity


Ted Dimon will teach at TC this summer

Ted Dimon will teach at TC this summer

Ted Dimon, the renowned psychophysical and movement expert and founder of The Dimon Institute, will teach a six-week Summer B course at TC titled “Principles of Mind/Body Unity and Their Role in Education and Health” (CCPX 4199).

Dimon has spent 35 years actively researching and developing a new field of study to advance the understanding of human mental and physical systems as a holistic entity. He has shown how unconsciously performed activities negatively affect behavior, health, and learning and how they contribute to problems such as stress, ADD, muscle and joint pains, and learning and motor coordination problems. 

The Dimon Institute is dedicated to the scientific and practical exploraiton of man's unique psychophysical design, and to a holistic and conscious way of living based on an understanding of this design. The mission of the Dimon Institute is to model the application of these ideas in the education of of children and adults, to train teachers, and to disseminate knowledge of this system as a new field.

Offered through TC’s Clinical Psychology department, “Principles of Mind/Body Unity” will define what is meant by psychophysical education, as opposed to other mind/body methods; show how the subject can be applied in practice; and examine the application of this emerging field to education, health, child development and other areas.  More specifically, Dimon will explore topics that include kinesthetic awareness, learning, skill and performance, the control of habit, mind/body integration, holistic health, and mindfulness.

Interested students can register online at Teachers College under CCPX Clinical Psychology department.

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