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The Fall 2012 Entering Class - By The Numbers

The Fall 2012 Entering Class – By The Numbers

The numbers aren’t final until the add/drop period for course enrollment is complete, but it’s pretty clear that TC is on pace to achieve record numbers in 2012-13 for applications, new student enrollment and selectivity. As August drew to a close, Tom Rock, TC’s Executive Director of Enrollment Services, reported these highlights:

  • The College received 6,689 applications in 2012, an increase of 3 percent over 2011. Applications have increased by 26 percent over the past five years.
  • The College has offered admission to 3,911 candidates. “At the end of August, we are on pace to, once again, enroll the largest and most diverse incoming class in the history of the College with over 1,900 students who have confirmed their intention to enroll,” Rock said.
  • Eight percent of incoming students are doctoral students; 92 percent are master’s degree candidates.
  • The gender breakdown for the incoming class is 78 percent female, 22 percent male.
  • The average age of incoming master’s students is 27, while that of incoming doctoral students is 31.
  • Twenty-five percent of incoming students have self-identified as students of color.
  • Nineteen percent are from outside the United States.
  • Students in the incoming class represent 52 countries and 46 states, plus the District of Columbia.
  • New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are, in that order, the top five states of origin for both incoming master’s and doctoral students.
  • After the United States, China, South Korea, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom are the top five countries of origin for incoming master’s degree students. Other than the United States, the top five countries of origin for new doctoral students are South Korea, China, Canada, Germany and Israel.
  • In particular, “the applicant pool from China has skyrocketed,” increasing by 71 percent over last year, Rock said, suggesting that TC’s sustained outreach in China in recent years has borne fruit. In all, nearly 500 Chinese students applied, with 114 expected to join the incoming class.
  • The top “feeder” college from which incoming master’s degree students graduated is NYU (as in 2011), followed by Cornell, Syracuse, Rutgers and SUNY Binghamton.

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