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Connecting Teaching to Research


Deborah Loewenberg Ball and TC President Susan Fuhrman (right)

Deborah Loewenberg Ball and TC President Susan Fuhrman (right)

In July, TC and TeachingWorks, based at the University of Michigan, presented “Connecting Advances in Learning Research to Teacher Practice,” a conference on the future of teacher preparation.

TC President Susan Fuhrman told more than 400 attendees that recent negativity about the value of theory in educator preparation coincides, ironically, with “an explosion of new knowledge…about how both adults and children take in information most effectively.

“How will we incorporate this new knowledge into teacher preparation and practice?” Fuhrman asked.

The answer, said Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Dean of the School of Education at the University of Michigan, begins with recognizing that “simply knowing the subject doesn’t enable you to teach it well.” Ball argued for a medical residency model of teacher prep that combines theory with hands-on experience.

View a video of the conference at http://bit.ly/QqVcSC
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