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Campus and Auxiliary Services at TC is pleased to announce expansion of ID card capabilities!

Starting now, students, faculty and staff will have expanded purchasing capabilities with their TC ID Card, known as the University Card.  Currently, all members of the TC community have access to a FLEX Account administered by Columbia University.  This program allows cardholders to make photocopies in all TC and CU libraries and charge purchases with any off-campus merchant displaying the “FLEX Accepted Here” sign.  The new expanded program will provide a tax-free dining option for TC Students, called TC DOLLAR$, for use in the Grace Dodge Cafeteria and the Everett Library Café.

Here’s more information about these two accounts connected to the TC ID card:


TC DOLLAR$ is a new dining program at Teachers College that allows students to deposit money in an account that will provide tax-free dining on Teachers College campus.  The deposits are accessed using your TC ID card.  Students will be able to make cash deposits into their accounts, and use their funds in the Grace Dodge Cafeteria or the Everett Library Café, saving almost 9% per transaction.  For more information visit Card Services Web Site.  The TC DOLLAR$ account is subject to these terms & conditions.

Flex Account:

Flex is a Columbia University administered program that is available to students, faculty and staff of the Columbia, Barnard and Teachers College.  The Flex Account, a declining balance program, has been in existence for Teachers College students, faculty and staff since 2004, and has been used primarily for photocopies in the TC and CU libraries.  In addition to the new TC DOLLAR$ program, TC Dining Facilities will now be able to accept Flex Dollars for purchases.  Individuals who utilize Flex Accounts can enjoy ease of payments for photocopies in the TC Library or any CU library, any dining facilities at TC, CU or Barnard, the campus bookstore in Lerner and a variety of off-campus venues.  With the exception of vending and photocopies, all Flex Account transactions are taxable.  Many off-campus vendors provide discounts for to individuals using Flex. 



Flex Account

Who Can Use It?

Any currently enrolled Teachers College student.

Any enrolled student, faculty, or staff of Teachers College, Columbia University or Barnard College (program administered by CU).

How Does It Work?

A dollar-for-dollar, tax-free declining balance account accessed through one’s TC ID card (University Card).

A dollar-for-dollar declining balance TAXABLE account accessed through your TC ID card (University Card).

Where Can I Use It?

Only at TC in the Grace Dodge Cafeteria and the Everett Library Café.

At all TC and CU on-campus dining locations, as well as at the University Bookstore, library photocopy machines and many off-campus venues.

Is It Required?

No, but it is convenient and will save $$$!

No, but it is convenient!

When Does It Expire?

Upon graduation (it rolls over from year to year).

Upon graduation (it rolls over from year to year).

Is It Tax-Free?



How Much Does It Cost?

It's up to each user!

It's up to each user!

How Do I Deposit Money to get started?

At the TC Dining Hall checkout area. 

The value add machine on the 2nd floor of Russell.

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