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TC Today Spring 2013

TC Today Spring 2013


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"125 Years of Big Ideas,” the special 125th anniversary issue of TC Today magazine, puts readers at the table with a cast of thinkers that bridges TC’s departments and disciplines and reaches across the decades.

The issue explores key themes that have engaged the TC’s best minds since the College's founding in 1887 and that continue to drive its work today. Stories cover a range of topics including:
  • How TC keeps alive Lawrence Cremin's vision of education beyond schools. 
  • New paradigms to improve community health.
  • The future of the education standards movement.
  • The growing role of museums and other cultural institutions in providing arts education to public school students.
  • Closing America's education achievement gap in the 21st century.
  • What a future generation of technology-enabled students would be able to accomplish.
In addition, former TC faculty member Donna Shalala weighs in on the importance of defending the public school system, and TC Board Co-Chair Bill Rueckert, whose great-great aunt was TC founder Grace Hoadley Dodge, talks about his special connection to the College. In her column, President Susan Fuhrman reflects on the legacy of John Dewey and the cross-disciplinary collaboration that makes TC unique among graduate schools of education.

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