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Contributing Partners: Linford L. Lougheed (Ed.D. '77)


Linford L. Lougheed (Ed.D.

Linford L. Lougheed (Ed.D. '77) (Courtesy of Linford L. Lougheed)

Author and educator in English as a Foreign Language; President and Founder, Instructional Design Company Lougheed has supported the TC Fund and TC scholarships in nutrition education.

Favorite TC Professor:
My thesis advisor, Dr. Phil Lang.

Key TC experience:
Teacher supervision. Professor John Fanselow made me understand there isn’t just one way to present a learning experience — and that my way may not be right for everyone. I’m still struggling with that concept.

Why I support TC:
From 1974 through 1977 I paid my tuition from scholarships as small as $50. Students should worry about their education, not about paying for it.

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