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Computers in the Halls and Other Conveniences

Computers in the Halls and Other Conveniences
There is no end to the different ways that Computer Information Services (CIS) is working to provide students with easy access to the information they need. This fall three new services are available.

Computer Webstations
The first and most noticeable provision is Webstations in the corridors. "We wanted to give students very convenient access to information that they need immediately as they are walking around the College," said Ena Haines, Director of Administrative Computing. Information that can be found on the TC Web site at these stations includes whether a grade was posted, in what room a class is meeting, or in which classes students are registered. They can also check and send e-mail.

There are currently six Webstations in lobbies and corridors around the campus. Three are on the first floor of Horace Mann Hall, one is in the Whittier Hall lobby, and wheelchair accessible stations are located in the Thorndike lobby and in the commuter lounge on the ground floor of Main Hall. Five more will be placed in the student lounge and another at the front desk in Main Hall. They will be installed as part of the Main Hall renovation project.

BANNER Web for Students
The other two services are improvements to existing features on the Web site. By going to "Student Resources" and then "Student Information System" on TC Web, students can connect to the same information that the touch tone system provides. A Social Security number and matching PIN number must be given to enter the system. Once inside, a "Student Information Menu" allows them to look at any term schedule. They can check the day, time and instructor of a particular course, their grades, and the location of a class. "If a student registered by phone, they can check the status on the Web," Haines noted. Registration via the Web site is not available, but it is being developed.

As soon as the class schedule is available, students can check the Web site for what will be offered for the upcoming term. "Toward the end of November, the Spring 1999 schedule will be posted," said Diana Maul, Associate Registrar. "As changes are made or sections are closed, and TBAs are changed into room numbers, or if a course has been added or canceled, you can see what they are as of the close of business the night before."

A key to TC course numbers is also on the Web site, which shows recent changes to catalog numbers. Students' personal records are also available to them at this site. In addition to their registration status, they can see if there are any holds on their account, if they owe money, whether transcripts were submitted, if their immunization records are in, as well as what degree program and what major they are in. Financial aid information is also available.

"Next year's plans call for allowing students to update their addresses," Maul noted. "Also, students will be able to register or drop and add classes from the Web, either from work, home or the new Webstations. Wherever you have access to the Internet."

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