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Puerto Rican Presence Wanes in New York

The number of Puerto Rican New Yorkers has been on the decline for the first time since they began immigrating to the city in great numbers 60 years ago. The growing number of Dominicans and Mexicans has begun to dominate the city's Hispanic population. Many of the Puerto Rican's leaving the city are moving back to Puerto Rico. One reason for the decline in population may be due to a lack of education. According to Teachers College associate professor Francisco L. Rivera-Batiz, barely 10 percent of Puerto Rican New Yorkers 25 and older have a college degree. The impact of the educational problems has deepened because of the city's current economic expansion increasing the demand for highly skilled workers, he said. The article, entitled "Puerto Rican Presence Wanes in New York" appeared in the February 28th edition of New York Today.previous page