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California School Shooting Aftermath

The recent school shootings in Santee, California served as a grim reminder that such violence may be avoided if the red flags in students behvaior are addressed. After the Columbine shootings, schools across the country have taken any threatening remarks or signs seriously, sometimes even alerting the communities police. In the case of Santana High School in Santee, the student had told other students and a family friend that he planned the shooting.

"Every school is different but if they respond to their students needs at every level these kinds of things could be avoided, or at least the feelings of depression and suicidal feelings can be confronted," said Marla Brassard, Associate Professor of Psychology and Education.

Urban school districts have been coping with similar issues for years and may be better prepared for it than suburban schools. "Mainstream and suburban America hasn't been that interested in hearing about urban school violence, but now they might be interested," said Brassard.

The article, entitled "California School Shooting Aftermath" appeared in the March 7 edition of the WGGB-TV.

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