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Schools Seeing Increase of High Tech Gadgets in Classrooms

Personal Digital Assistants, like the Palm Pilot, are swiftly invading the classroom, which has administrators weighing these devices educational potential against a potential for abuse. Students can use the PDA's to download information from the internet, store data from their chemistry experiments, and beam the teacher their papers. But it also lets them beam each other answers on a test or "pass notes."

Professor Robert McClintock, director of the Institute for Learning Technologies, says that the benefits of PDAs are limited by their tiny screens. But that the way of the future could be a computer that students toss into a backpack. "Whether a school is using PDAs or any other technology at this point, it's wise that it do so without thinking that it's arrived at the complete solution to things," he said. "The technology is going to keep evolving."

The article, entitled "Schools Seeing Increase of High Tech Gadgets in Classrooms" appeared in an article by the Associate Press.

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