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New Tactic Taken to Fight State Tests

In Chappaqua and Scarsdale, residents and educators feel that state mandated tests are hindering the quality of education that can take place in their schools, as reported in New York Journal. In Scarsdale there has even been a local boycott of eight-grade tests, and the Chappaqua PTA is organizing for a statewide lobbying effort against the tests.

Among the reasons for disliking the tests, residents say that a difference in a few points on the scoring average of a district could go so far as to effect people's decisions in choosing where to buy a home. At a Chappaqua forum Karen Zumwalt, Professor of Education on the Evenden Foundation, says "The parents of this community could do a lot if they say, 'We don't care if it's 94 percent (of students exceeding standards) or 98 percent or 99 percent.'"

The article, entitled "New Tactic Taken to Fight State Tests" appeared in the 6-18-01 edition of the New York Journal News.

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