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Magsaysay Memorial

A memorial service was held at TC in January after the untimely death of alumna Teresita "Tess" Magsaysay. Former professors, classmates, family members and friends gathered to hear remembrances of her life and musical selections that were meaningful to her. President Arthur Levine, in his remarks, noted, "The greatest measure of a life is that the world is a better place now than it was before you were here." He calculated that in her career, Magsaysay reached 22,500 students and will continue to reach educators and students through the establishment of the Magsaysay Boxley Scholarship at TC.

Professors Clifford Hill and JoAnne Kleifgen and former professor Frank Horowitz, who had all worked with and become friendly with Magsaysay, shared some of their memories of her, particularly her warmth and her determination to keep working toward her dissertation.

Her daughter, JR Magsaysay, expressed a tearful remembrance of her mother by sharing some of the poetry her mother had loved, saying, "She always told me she would read e.e. cummings to me as a fetus." In addition, Linda Yan, one of the Magsaysay Boxley Scholars, made remarks on behalf of all the recipients of the scholarship.

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