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Introducing TC Muses

While it doesn't include Sharon Stone ("The Muse") as part of the program, TC Muses, an experiential learning program begun recently by The Center for Educational Outreach & Innovation (CEO&I), does offer an exciting opportunity for lifelong learning.

The initial TC Muses event, Aboriginal Ways of Knowing: Gallery Tour, Salon and Tea Discussion Group, was held under the direction of Graham Blondel, an artist teacher and gallery owner, and Graeme Sullivan, Associate Professor of Art Education. The event explored Aboriginal art, culture and education through discussions with Blondel.

According to MaryRose Barranco Morris, Acting Director of CEO&I and Director of Lifelong Learning, TC Muses will foster a spirit of self-discovery, personal growth, professional enrichment, a chance to participate in intellectual pursuits that can open up a deeper understanding of various social and cultural educational issues.

"A large number of the 77 million baby boomers who will retire within the next 10 years are professionals in education and human services. We believe that aging baby boomers seek lifelong learning, opportunities to learn about innovative technology and its impact on education, and participation in multimedia learning communities," Barranco Morris explained. "We do not expect that their interest will wane. On the contrary, with more personal time available they'll be enthusiastic about the kinds of pursuits that had piqued their professional careers," she added.

While many of the Muse programs and activities will be conducted live and in person both at Teachers College, itself, as well as off-campus in varied national and international locales at the heart of TC Muses will be a globe-spanning, intercultural menu of intellectual adventures offered on its Website, MUSEweb, which is currently under construction to become a virtual learning mall and e-campus. "It will be accessible online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to a global community of learners who will be able to join in intergenerational dialogue, virtual educational tours, experiment with curriculum content, and visit video and text archives and browse courses," she said.

Some additional on-campus course highlights are workshops on affirmative development of academic ability which address problems related to the academic under-productivity of some disadvantaged students and the schools that serve them; a workshop on the important functions of emotions in health, including some startling new findings about a different model of mourning when coping with loss; a course about peaceful responses to conflict and violence that are based on movement and body awareness; and a math camp for elementary teachers.

An exciting aspect of the program is the Study Tours segment taking place in different parts of the world. TC Professor Bruce Vogeli conducted a tour of schools in Uganda and Tanzania along with guided sightseeing tours in the area. Vogeli is a Professor of Mathematics Education who specializes in comparative education in mathematics.

A tour conducted by Professor James Shields in Spoleto, Italy, examined sacred architecture and art and the ways they relate to the logic of the specific cultural practices and history. Excursions were planned in central Italy, along with lectures and group discussions on the sacred architecture of the country as well as visits to religious monuments and Italian language classes.

The list goes on to include study tours to Mexico and China, computer literacy classes, classes conducted in Spanish about the function of poetry in life and education, and Teaching Entrepreneurship to Low-Income Youth. A free on-line multi-media experience in Ancient Near Eastern Myth, a teacher's introduction to opera and a course about dead white European males will all be led by Alan Zelenetz of CEO&I. Non-credit courses range in price from $70 to $850.

Those who wish may become charter members of the user-friendly MUSEweb by contacting Amy Charron at 212-678-3987.

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