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Africa in an Age of Globalization


Africa in an Age of Globalization

More than 100 participants attended a one-day conference on the effects of globalization and decentralization in Africa entitled, "Case Studies on Globalization and Decentralization in Education, Health and Land Reform in the Congo (D.R.C.), Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda and Beyond in the 21st Century." Scholars in the field of African Studies from Cambridge University, University of Toronto, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Illinois, Sarah Lawrence College, Columbia University and Teachers College offered their ground breaking academic work on education, health and land reform in different parts of Africa.

George Bond, William F. Russell Professor of Anthropology and Education in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies said that this conference "marks a new chapter in the long-standing and historical relationship that Teachers College has had with Africa, namely with the Teachers for East Africa program that began in the 1960s." He concluded by stating that this conference was the start of many more to come.

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