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Common Ground: Chinese and American Educators at TC


Common Ground: Chinese and American Educators at TC

Professor Clifford Hill and Ken Boxley

In order to celebrate international education week, Clifford Hill, the Arthur I. Gates Professor of Language and Education Emeritus, presented a lecture, "Finding Common Ground: Chinese and American Educators at Teachers College." The presentation was in memory of Tess Magsaysay, a doctoral student from the Philippines who died in December 2000. Before her death, Magsaysay and her husband established the Tess Magsaysay-Ken Boxley Scholarship Fund that has already supported a number of students, some of whom were present along with Boxley to honor Magsaysay.

Hill's presentation began with a historical overview of exchanges between Chinese and American educators at Teachers College. He showed how a model of reciprocity initially developed by John Dewey and leading Chinese educators such as Tao Xingzhi is still at work in the Center on Chinese Education established under the leadership of Mun Tsang, Associate Professor of Economics and Education, in 2000. Hill presented a range of research projects carried out by Chinese doctoral students in the area of language, literacy, and technology, showing how they have managed to respect historical legacy while conducting innovative research on educational problems in their home country. To further illustrate the model of reciprocity, he showed how certain students have focused on educational issues involving Chinese students in this country. Hill ended his presentation with a special tribute to Magsaysay.

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