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Chinese Scholars Come to TC Through Center on Chinese Education


Chinese Scholars Come to TC Through Center on Chinese Education

Visiting Scholars Peiya Gu, Yanqing Ding and Xian-Ming Xiang.

The Center on Chinese Education is hosting its second round of Visiting Scholars from China this year. Four scholars have arrived to conduct a variety of professional activities from carrying out collaborative research to presenting lectures, conducting workshops, and attending academic conferences. Professor Yanqing Ding specializes in education economics at Peking University. Professor Xian-Ming Xiang is a specialist in comparative higher education from Beijing Normal University. Professor Lihoa Shang is an expert in school finance and is from Zhejiang University, and Professor Peiya Gu specializes in the teaching of English at Suzhou University. All are interested in meeting members of the TC faculty and community and establishing professional contacts.

The first group of Chinese Visiting Scholars came to TC during the last academic year. Professor Xiaowei Wang, who works in science education at Central China Normal University, did a comparative analysis of science education in China and the United States. Professor Wenli Li is a specialist in education policy from Peking University. She conducted a critical review of school finance reform in four states in the U.S. An expert in the history of education from Central China Normal University, Professor Hongyu Zhou examined the history of the relationship between Teachers College and modern Chinese education. More details on their activities here can be found on the Center's Web site at

In addition to bringing scholars from China to TC, the Center sponsored three Visiting Scholars from the U.S. to China last year. They were Professor Mun Tsang and Professor Herve Varenne from TC and Professor Chris Wheeler from Michigan State University. In the new academic year, TC faculty Kevin Dougherty, Clifford Hill, Zhaohong Han, and Mun Tsang will be visiting China. Their activities abroad will also be reported on the Center's Web site.

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