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Challenges at TC Prepare John Fisher for New Role as Dean of Enrollment Management at Yeshiva University

When John Fisher joined the TC administration in 1993 as the executive director for student recruitment, admission and student aid, he decided to familiarize himself with the paperwork students fill out.

He picked up an admissions packet and dumped the contents on a big table. Flyers, forms and brochures flew everywhere. As he sorted through the material, he discovered that someone applying for admission, student aid and housing was asked to write their name and full address 71 times.

"I asked my staff why, with an online computer system, this was necessary," he recalls. "They just laughed."

Today, TC is at the leading edge of using computers for enrollment services, he says. Admissions and student aid processing have improved dramatically. And now, Fisher is ready to take on a new challenge.

He left TC on May 1 to become the Dean of Enrollment Management at Yeshiva University.

Associate Dean William J. Baldwin says: "I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with John. It goes beyond his competencies and his strengths in the areas of student recruitment, admissions, and financial aid--all of which are considerable. What I think I have valued most about our colleagueship is that John is an individual with a deep commitment to social justice, to making a positive difference in the lives of individuals."

A lot has changed in the last five years at TC. Fisher modestly says that he benefited from good timing. "Education has been high on the national agenda and TC has been right there in the thick of things," he says. "Teachers and other educators are in great demand, with demographics suggesting a very strong job market for at least a decade.

"Admissions applications have gone up 50 percent and enrollment is at the highest point in a quarter century."

In response, the enrollment process had to become more efficient. Fisher says that his "main ally" in improving the processing of admissions and student aid applications has been Ena Haines, Director of Computing and Information Services. Thanks to CIS, Fisher said TC was the first graduate school to use online admissions applications and TC was among the first colleges to be approved for participation in the federal direct loan program based on its ability to handle student loan funds entirely electronically.

Today students only need to give their names three times. "Maybe my successor can get it down to one," he jokes.

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