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Ninth Annual Long Term Service Reception

On May 1, faculty, students and staff gathered in the TC cafeteria to congratulate 29 of their colleagues who reached a milestone of 15, 20, 30 and 35 years of full-time continuous service at the College.

President Arthur Levine welcomed the awardees by saying, "You are the models that have sustained the College and the heart and soul of the institution." He added that, "If I counted your years of service it would add up to 715--that is extraordinary." Levine mentioned Carrol Grady, who has been with the College for 35 years. He smiled and said, "Carrol has been at TC through four presidents and started working ten years before I was born."

Don Dean, Director of Personnel Services, and Sarah Prescott Phillips, Employment Administrator in Personnel Services, coordinated the presentation of the awards.

Among some of the supervisors presenting the awards to their employees were Dean Karen Zumwalt, Associate Dean William Baldwin, Fred Schnur, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vincent Del Bagno, Director of Facilities, Jane Franck, Director of the Library, and Clifford Hill, the Chair of the Department of International and Transcultural Studies.

This year's awards went to: Carrol Grady, in Duplicating Services, for 35 years of service; Julius Armstrong, Manuel Burgos, and Felix Soto of Facilities, Susanne Nanka-Bruce of Student Life, Evelyn Jackson and Barbara Burke of Student Accounts, Barbara Purnell of Admissions, Melba Ruperto of the Library Resource Center, Dominga Llenas Tatis and Linda Wooten of Career Services, for 30 years of service; Howard Chislett of the Registrar's Office and the Office of Doctoral Studies, John Astore, Domenico Mammana, Jacinto Resto and Marcelino Vazquez of Facilities, Dianne Marcucci-Sadnytsky of the Department of International and Transcultural Studies, John Vincent of the Department of Scientific Foundations, and James Young of Security, for 25 years of service; Roselouise Daly of Library Bibliographic Services, Biagio De Pasquale of Facilties, Betty Engel of Word Processing, Ida Esannason of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Joseph Gilchrist of Residence Life (Seth Low), Robert (Rocky) Schwarz of the Word Processing Center, for 20 years of service; Gabriel Henriquez of Residence Life, William Manning and Debra Jennings of Security, and David Ment of Special Collections, for 15 years of service.

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