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Problem Students to Attend School After Hours

In an effort to curb high delinquency and failure rates, Mt. Vernon school officials are preparing to eject over 100 high school students that they say "habitually cut classes, gamble and smoke in the halls, intimidating teachers, peers and parents." Students that are ejected will be required to attend classes after regular school hours.

Sociology professor Gary Natriello said that such programs can succeed depending on how they are viewed. "It could go both ways depending on what kind of time and investment people want to give the program. The kind of questions the community should be asking is if it's just to get the bad kids away so regular school is calmer, or is it a part of a serious effort to educate kids who are not doing well in school."

The article, entitled "Problem Students to Attend After Hours" appeared in the March 7th edition of Westchester Today.

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