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Blacks in Catholic Schools are More Segregated

A recent study by Harvard University's Civil Rights Project found that black students attending private Catholic schools are likely to be more segregated than their public-school peers.

The controversial study was released on the same day that the Supreme Court upheld voucher programs in private schools. Catholic schools are strong supporters of vouchers and enroll roughly half of all private school students in the country, many in urban areas. The study's authors say their research indicates that vouchers are likely to expose inner-city youth to greater segregation.

"Vouchers will not address the No. 1 issue facing poor urban public schools, namely the heavy concentration of poor students of color in separate facilities that lack political and economic resources," said Teachers College Professor Amy Stuart Wells, who reviewed the study.

The article, entitled "Blacks in Catholic Schools are more Segregated" appeared in the July 13th edition of the Pioneer Press.

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