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Study Finds Inequity in School Days

Study Finds Inequity in School Days

A new national study published in the TC Record found that African-American students spend more time on academics than white students, but get less time to play, study music and art, take physical education classes, and engage in other enrichment activities. The study used teachers' time diaries to assess what students did during the day, and looked at 553 students in 1st through 5th grades. The study also found that white students tend to have smaller classes and a longer school day.

The lead researcher on the study was Jodie L. Roth, from the National Center for Children and Families. The other authors were Jeanne Brooks- Gunn, Miriam Linver, and Sandra Hofferth from the University of Maryland. "Our data illustrate the racial and economic inequality in America's schools: Poorer minority children do not have the same opportunities as richer white students," the research team said.

The article, entitled "Study Finds Inequity in School Days" appeared in the September 11th edition of Edweek.

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