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Do Your Homework!

Do Your Homework!

Homework is often a cause of frustration for students and parents alike. Experts say parents can help children learn by creating the right atmosphere and setting a routine for doing homework. Janine Bempechat of Brown University says homework should be children's number one priority before other extra-curricular activities. Bempechat also recommends setting a routine, based on your family and the individual child, with a set time and place every day for homework.

Prof. Lucy Calkins realized her own sons were spending too much time on the computer and it was distracting them from their homework. Calkins says parents should offer support and be available for help, but not do a child's homework for them. Organization, Calkins also says, is key to helping children learn. She believes practicing good study skills every day is the most important thing. Calkins advises parents to ''show interest, generate excitement, ...that helps them grow bigger thoughts than they would on their own."

The article, entitled "Removing Some of the Homework Hurdles" appeared in the September 19th edition of the Boston Globe .

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