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High School Seniors Get Highest SAT Math Scores in 35 Years

The scores of high school seniors on the SAT math scores have climbed to their highest level in 35 years. Experts tied the gain to the growing number of students learning algebra in the eighth grade and taking more advanced courses in math after reaching high school.

According to Henry Levin, professor of economics and education at Teachers College, Columbia University, increased competition among high school students for admission to selective colleges and universities has led more students to taking Advanced Placement courses. "School districts have vastly increased the numbers of students in these courses and the numbers of courses available," Professor Levin said. "Kids who in the past would not have taken A.P. courses are now being encouraged to take them."

The article, entitled "High School Seniors Get Highest SAT Math Scores in 35 Years" appeared in the August 26th, 2003 edition of the The New York Times.

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